Faster Testing, Faster Treatment

2 min read

Our goal at LabFinder is to simplify the process of getting tested. By being able to schedule an appointment for a diagnostic test at your convenience, you will become better able to make your health a priority.


We’re all familiar with the traditional model of medicine. As patients, we go to our doctor, who recommends tests in order to further assess our health. Many times, the process can feel lengthy and frustrating – especially when we want to feel better sooner rather than later! To add to the worry, after our treatment has begun, a surprise bill arrives. You didn’t know that the blood testing lab wasn’t covered by your insurance? You’re not alone.

Getting a medical test done doesn’t have to be a hassle… anymore. LabFinder wants to simplify the process for patients, by giving them options within their insurance network and delivering their results as soon as they’re ready. No more waiting by the phone for your doctor to call. No more phone tag. Far less stress. And a shorter period from getting tested to getting treated.

Not convinced? Try LabFinder today and start getting better sooner.



LabFinder is a no-cost, online platform for people to easily schedule their medical tests and view results securely. The LabFinder team is passionate about improving the ‘patient and doctor experience’ through better communication, reduce out-of-pocket expenses and making everyone know more about their own medical tests. The mission of LabFinder is simple: we want to be solution to you and get you the test results you deserve so you can make right choices about your health.