LabFinder’s Partnership with ELLKAY

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In April 2020, more than 500,000 COVID-19 results were delivered via LabFinder, which were routed through ELLKAY’s LKTransfer platform., the convenient platform that links patients, physicians, and diagnostic centers, has announced plans to further partner with ELLKAY, LLC, a leader in healthcare connectivity since 2002, in order to improve efficiencies of COVID-19 testing, results, and state reporting. In April, LabFinder made the decision to convert their entire office, one block in New York City, NY, into a COVID-19 test site. ELLKAY, LLC began to handle all of the LabFinder transactions from many major laboratory partners and route the orders from patients to the labs. Through this advance in connectivity, the patient can schedule a COVID-19 test directly via the LabFinder portal, undergo testing, and quickly receive test results directly from ELLKAY. ELLKAY also delivers those results to the lab and provider. This marks a significant opportunity to deliver interoperability directly to the consumer. “We are grateful to do our part during this public health crisis,” said Dr. Robert Segal, founder of “We believe in living healthy by getting tested. The more people who are tested, the more people are able to get back to work.”

ELLKAY’s solutions are focused on increasing interoperability for hospitals, health systems, laboratories, payers, vendors, and ambulatory care settings. ELLKAY’s internal COVID task force was made available to their partners to facilitate rapid deployments of technology infrastructure to connect those ordering tests to those doing testing. Kamal Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of ELLKAY said, “We are committed to enabling interoperability with our partners to stop the spread and combat COVID-19. Now more than ever, it’s critical that systems are synchronized and patients and providers are empowered with as much data and knowledge necessary in order to quickly make informed care decisions.” ELLKAY, a leader in interoperability for over 18 years, has stepped up to support laboratories through its LKCOVID-19 Platform, which provides increased connectivity with rapid deployment of COVID-19 testing, results, and state reporting. Over 1.6million COVID-19 test results were processed in April 2020 through ELLKAY’s technology platforms.


ELLKAY is a recognized healthcare connectivity leader, providing solutions and services nationwide. With 18 years of industry experience, ELLKAY empowers hospitals and health systems, diagnostic laboratories, healthcare IT vendors, payers, and other healthcare organizations with cutting-edge technologies and solutions. With over 55,000 practices connected, ELLKAY’s system capability arsenal has grown to over 700+ EMR/PMS systems across 1,100+ versions.

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