How Can LabFinder Improve Your Lab’s Operations?
January 28, 20222 min read

At LabFinder, a central part of our mission is improving communication and efficiency for testing labs and diagnostic centers. We understand the challenges of connecting with the patients and healthcare providers who need your services. We also work hard to ensure that the diagnostic labs that work with us avoid miscommunicated or lost records, insurance snafus, missed appointments, and other hurdles that might make it less likely for consumers to return.


Simplifying Communication & Access for Laboratory Staff


When you sign up with our platform, LabFinder gives the ability to set up each member of the lab staff with different-level accounts. This gives everyone the ability to access necessary test results and appointment data while also ensuring confidentiality by allowing control over who has access to what information. LabFinder’s platform also keeps track of who makes changes to appointments in order to streamline scheduling and avoid conflicts and missed appointments.


Helping Doctors & Patients Book Tests with Your Lab


One of the biggest advantages of working with LabFinder is the ability it grants your lab to get appointments scheduled through our platform, not just with more patients and providers but with the ones that you want. We want to eliminate confusion and wasted time by making sure that the right patients are connecting with you for the right services.


LabFinder allows you to submit a list of insurance providers with whom you are in- or out-of-network so that you will only get appointment bookings from consumers who are covered by plans your company takes. Additionally, we work with a laboratory test compendium framework so that your lab will be listed only for the tests and services offered.


Business Tools for Your Diagnostic Center


As well as helping you track records and connect with clients, LabFinder also offers tools to help you get a clear picture of how your business is performing. Find out which services are most popular and which areas of your company could use improvement. Our dashboard lets you monitor your growth and form your strategy for the future.


Get Started with LabFinder Today


If you want to see first-hand the positive difference that our platform can make for your lab testing company, you can begin your registration today. Feel free also to reach out and contact us with any questions.