How to Prepare for a Blood Test

2 min read

Scheduled for a blood test soon? We’ll help you prepare for your test so your visit will be smooth and efficient.

First, verify the tests you are getting with your doctor. Is fasting required?

If your doctor does not warn you in advance to fast, then it is probably not a requirement. Lipid panels (cholesterol tests), glucose testing and stool tests usually require fasting.

What should you do if fasting is required? Refrain from eating or drinking (except water, which is okay to drink) for at least 8 hours (10-12 hours is best) before the blood test. Are you a habitual morning coffee drinker? Unfortunately, coffee and tea cannot be consumed either.

Taking your required medications or vitamins is fine for a blood test.

Whether or not fasting is required, always be sure to drink water before getting your blood drawn. This will make the process much easier and efficient. Having well-hydrated veins makes it easier for the phlebotomist (the person conducting the blood test) to locate your vein and reduce the time and pain for you. It’s a win-win situation.



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