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Need a test but don't have doctor's order?

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Not yet, but we’re working on it! We’re constantly adding new labs and services to our website to give you the best possible experience. The labs listed on LabFinder are the ones which chosen to partner with us.

Signing up is simple. Just click on “Lab Sign-up” and fill out the form. One of our account executives will contact you with more details about your account. We will answer all your questions and guide you through the entire registration process to make sure you are completely satisfied.

No. We do not provide any healthcare services or medical advice. You may use LabFinder as a search to locate labs and imaging centers. But the decision to use—or not use a given healthcare provider (from or outside LabFinder) is solely yours. LabFinder strives to help you find the right lab or imaging center for you based on your location, type of test and insurance plan. Our dedicated team is passionate about improving the patient and lab experience and helping you receive the best healthcare you deserve. The rest is up to you…and the healthcare provider of your choice.

Absolutely! Protecting your information is top priority. We follow HIPAA best practices, use multiple security and encryption layers to protect your data and have policies in place to keep your data safe.

LabFinder is an online service that helps patients find, and make appointments with, clinical labs and radiology centers. An easy and convenient way to reach new patients and new doctors.

If you need to reschedule your visit, you can change the date and time up to 24 hours in advance. Simply log in to view your upcoming appointment details or click the reschedule link in the appointment confirmation email you received.

Yes! LabFinder is 100% free for patients to use for finding and scheduling with labs and imaging centers that participate with your health insurance plan. Co-pays, out-of- pocket payments and other fees associated with your lab and radiology tests are separate costs not related to LabFinder. LabFinder itself is completely free for patients.

No. We do not find doctors. LabFinder focuses on finding labs and imaging centers.

This depends on where you live. In New York, you must have a doctor’s prescription. Please contact your doctor with any questions and to make the necessary arrangements.

Although it’s not required, it is always a good idea to make sure your insurance coverage is up-to-date and that the lab or imaging center still takes your insurance. Any services incurred without health coverage may result in out-of-network fees from the testing site.

Yes. The LabFinder website is specifically designed to work across most platforms and browsers.

Absolutely not. As a HIPAA compliant entity, we adhere to strict guidelines to make sure your private information remains private and we will never give, sell or share it with any other individual or company without compliance with our Privacy Policy.

It depends on the test. But it usually takes about 5 business days.

Simply log-in to LabFinder using your email and password and click on the “Profile” drop-down under the “For Patients” tab, then click on “Documents.” Here, you can view and download your test results.

Patients who use LabFinder can rate their experience and leave testimonials. You can use this information to help make your decision.

While it is our mission to reduce your costs, we have no direct control over lab fee schedules. To be sure, call ahead to confirm a lab or imaging center’s participation with your insurance and its fees for out-of-pocket services.

If your username and password combination is not working, you can request a password reset by clicking here.

No worries. LabFinder will try to find you the most convenient lab or imaging center at the most competitive price.

Pre-authorizations and referrals are handled by your doctor and your insurance company. Be sure to verify this information with your doctor’s office prior to scheduling through LabFinder.

LabFinder empowers you to take better control of your health by being a central repository for all your medical lab results, finding nearby labs within your network and getting you your test results faster. Helping you and your doctor better manage your health.

Yes – you can access your statistics through the LabFinder dashboard. We provide analytics on the popular types of doctors, popular exams, popular insurances and more.

Yes – both are accepted forms of payment.

Yes! LabFinder connects your lab or imaging center with patients who both have and do not have health insurance.

LabFinder promotes your patient services centers or imaging centers to new patients who are nearby and are covered by the insurance networks that you participate in. This increases patients appointments to help your business grow.


If you can’t find your test results, it could be that:

  • The test results aren’t ready yet. Results can take anywhere from 1-5 business days to process
  • You did not make an appointment on LabFinder. Only tests that were scheduled on our website get uploaded. You may log-on to your account and check your dashboard to see if you had an appointment.

Yes, MinuteMed powered by LabFinder is constantly testing and updating our technology to protect your personal health information. Our {insert privacy policy link} and user {insert terms of use link} details how we comply with federal HIPAA rules

If you have a doctor you see on an ongoing basis, it’s important to tell your doctor about all of the screenings and tests you get through MinuteMed. To make it easy for you to communicate your results with your doctor, we have added features to your patient portal which allow you to download and share your results directly with your doctor via a completely secure and encrypted platform.


How fast depends on our hours of operation. Our business hours are Monday to Friday 8am- 6pm Eastern Time and weekends 10am – 7pm Eastern Time. During business hours, we’ll review your request within one hour. Outside of business hours we try to review all requests as quickly as possible, but expect your request to be reviewed the next business day.

We provide the same level of professional care, but in a more convenient and focused way. We empower users to schedule and access diagnostic screening tests as preventative medicine. We are 100% online and you don’t have to wait days for an appointment to get a script for a screening test that you should have immediate access to.

Yes. As long as you answer our questions truthfully and you read the important information we provide, MinuteMed is a safe and convenient way to get medically screened for tests.

LabFinder.com provides an online scheduling platform with all the major laboratories and imaging centers for seamless real-time scheduling without playing phone tag or waiting on hold.

MinuteMed doctors are licensed doctors and nurse practitioners.

  • Women have a 2 to 10 times greater risk for a thyroid disorder
  • Adults over 60 years of age
  • Women who have been pregnant or have delivered a baby within the last six months
  • Those with a family history of thyroid disease
  • Those who have been treated for a thyroid problem
  • Those who have had neck surgery or radiation
  • Anyone with pernicious anemia (a vitamin B12 deficiency)
  • Those with type 1 diabetes
  • Those with primary adrenal insufficiency

We created MinuteMed to empower all individuals and to provide simple access to affordable care regardless of your insurance. If you are in a state we serve, we save you time and money by making it possible to get access to a great doctor. MinuteMed provides you access without spending ages trying to book a doctor appointment, traveling to and from to wait in a waiting room for a simple preventative screening.

Our visit fee is only $35, so it’s less than the cost of most insurance co-pays, even before you take into consideration the time we save you.

Our doctors follow strict guidelines that make sure we only approve requests for screening tests when it’s safe and appropriate to do so. If what you tell us about your health history means it is not in your best interest to use MinuteMed, we’ll advise you to see a doctor in person.

Our goal is to provide the best access to care and interoperability for all users.

In short, No.

The nature of our service means that our doctors have to be more cautious than if they were seeing you at a traditional in-person office visit. For this reason, we can’t help everyone who would like to use our service.

Not yet—  Slowly but surely we are expanding across America as healthcare in the United States is regulated state by state. Currently, our doctors are licensed, ready and excited to serve residents of New York.

If you would like to see MinuteMed expand to your state next, please send us an email to hello@labfinder.com  (just an idea to possibly gauge interest).

Eventually we want to serve every state in America, but for now you must be a resident of New York.

Our doctor fee is $35. This fee covers the doctor’s evaluation, but it doesn’t cover the cost of your screening exam. Our aim is to save you time and to provide great care at a cost you can afford.

You pay the $35 at the time of request using a credit or debit card.

We will refund your $35 if we don’t think it’s appropriate to give you a doctor’s order.

No, insurance will not cover the cost of the MinuteMed service. Our $35 doctor’s fee is less than the cost of many insurance co-pays for screening evaluation and result interpretation.

However, you can use your insurance to pay for the cost of the exam by using MinuteMed’s doctor’s script.

Need a test but don't have doctor's order?

Skip the waiting room

Learn More
Be proactive and get your test results at the same time as your doctor.

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