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Have you heard of Raynaud’s Disease?

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Does cold or stress literally make you blue?  Blue fingers or toes that become numb, painful and bluish or white?  

Do you dress like the Michelin Man when you venture out in chilly weather? 

Do you wear gloves in the office? Do friends and co-workers ask why you’re wearing a sweater or jacket when others are toasty warm?

Like 5-10% of all Americans, you might have Raynaud’s phenomenon (also called Raynaud’s syndrome or disease).  Raynaud’s is a disorder of the small blood vessels of the extremities, reducing blood flow when exposed to cold temperatures or stress.
And like many millions of Raynaud’s sufferers, you may be unaware that your pain and discomfort have a medical explanation.  That’s why October has been designated as Raynaud’s Awareness Month. 
For most sufferers, Raynaud’s isn’t serious BUT that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously.  For one in ten sufferers, it might be a sign that a more serious autoimmune disease like scleroderma or lupus is the culprit, and Raynaud’s can often be the first sign of these more serious disorders.
We’re happy to work with the Raynaud’s Association in promoting awareness of this widespread but little known condition during 

Raynaud’s Awareness Month.
And if you think you might have Raynaud’s, check out the Raynaud’s Association’s website for resources and support.
Real-Time Raynaud’s Attack Video:https://youtu.be/NSn8PTJndB

 If you suspect you have Raynaud’s, take this simple quiz as a first step.

LabFinder.com offers a Raynaud’s Panel of simple tests that can determine if your Raynaud’s requires further investigation and treatment.