Capsule Best Practices: Robert Segal

1 min read

By Maya De La Rosa-Cohen 

The President & Founder of LabFinderManhattan Cardiology, and Medical Offices of Manhattan on integrating virtual care and the short and long-term implications of COVID-19 on his businesses.

Not long after founding Manhattan Cardiology and the Medical Offices of Manhattan, Dr. Robert Segal began a new venture: LabFinder. Tired of the gaps in healthcare and frustrated by his patients’ lack of diagnostic agency, Dr. Segal founded LabFinder to close the communication gap among patients, providers, payers, and diagnostic centers. What he didn’t expect was how enabling patients to schedule their diagnostic tests and directly access their results would become even more essential due to COVID-19. Here, Dr. Segal discusses the challenges, surprises, and advantages of integrating virtual care into his businesses, as well as which changes he believes will permanently alter the scope of healthcare in a post-COVID-19 world.

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