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LiveStrong: COVID-19 – Why People are Buying Gloves & Masks, and Why It May Not Help

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In discussing the recent outbreak, Dr. Pate explains that we must “keep in mind how small the virus actually is.” The virus has been found at sizes less than 1000 nanometers – about 1/10th the side of a red blood cell. She remarks that “many of the masks on the market – which are commonly used improperly – can’t prevent something so small from entering our bodies.” While many doctors recommend using masks to prevent yourself from spreading a virus to others, most masks cannot actually prevent transmission. “The best defensive strategy is proper hand-washing” and avoiding “touching your eyes, nose and mouth,” since the virus can easily be transmitted through your face. On a similar vein, gloves cannot repel the virus. They pick up germs just as your hands do, making them a second skin that would require washing just as normal hands do. If you are in direct contact with someone (blood, body fluids, etc.) then both a mask and gloves may be beneficial to contain the spread, but otherwise, both items have limited effect on the spread of Coronavirus.

Worried that you may have COVID-19? Talk to your doctor to see if you should schedule a COVID-19 Lab Test at a lab near you.