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Newsweek: The Coronavirus Antibody Test – How to Get It, and Why It Matters.

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A new COVID-19 antibody test has been developed to analyze blood samples for signs of past infection. In “Can I Get an Antibody Test? Tests to Determine Whether People Had Coronavirus”, Newsweek discusses the implications of antibody testing with Dr. Segal, co-founder of LabFinder.


Dr. Segal explains that, in an ideal world, everyone should get the antibody test. Since it can detect whether or not a person contracted Coronavirus in the past few months, it could have heavy implications on the ability to track the spread of the virus. Many people may have caught it with mild (or asymptomatic) symptoms, and as a result, did not receive a test. Finding these passive carriers can give medical professionals a better idea of the rate and current degree of the infection. Dr. Segal continues that the first priority should be to test health care workers and others on the “front lines”, though the test is available to anyone with an appointment.


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