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Why LabFinder

The LF technology suite is an operating system made for employees, administrators, and testing staff. Our purpose-built tech suite is easy to use and designed to keep things moving. Our user-centric tech helps you securely manage employee data, fly through collections, and easily view and filter results.

How it works

Receive your sample collection kit

COVID-19 kits are sent via FedEx. Most kits are delivered within 2 days.

Collect your sample

Our average time to get results back is within 15 min.

Access your results on LabFinder

Securely access your results in your LabFinder patient portal.
Why Us

Dedicated task force for Covid-19 testing.

Let us take the operational burden of testing. Our experienced account managers, support specialists and event experts are here to help. No matter what your testing needs are - our team of customer support and experts make sure you are serviced every step of the way.

CLIA certified

We work where you do.

Our network of CLIA certified labs, experienced clinical and support staff, licensed physicians, and test suppliers works nationwide.


Availability anywhere or anytime.

LabFinder solutions are centrally managed, go-live ready, available anytime/anywhere and provide several testing options that allow for on-site, in-office and at-home testing and provide flexible service options that allow you to choose the most convenient way to test.

Customize your program

Our solution is flexible and customizable to your needs.

We know each business is unique and will work with you to customize your testing program to fit your needs At-Home, or On-site Use any test type with LabFinderRapid Antigen, LabPCR, Rapid PCR

Real-time Results

Results at your fingertips.

Provide your team with an end-to-end process that flows right into secure, real-time results dashboards for every employee and administrator.

All-inclusive price

Save time and money.

Operational in days not weeks. 40% average savings. All-inclusive per test price. No middleman markups

Raquel Perez
Covid-19 Compliance Officer (CCO)
(201) 309-5022

For More Information Call Raquel or submit your info

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Discuss and Plan

Have an exploratory chat with us to discover your needs, and form a testing plan that works best for your organization, group or business.

Build and Execute

Spin up your solution whenever you are ready. We generally implement and execute your turnkey customized testing plan within days.

Maintain and Manage

LabFinder Care Team specialists and testing staff work closely with you to make sure your employee testing solution is safe, seamless, and successful.

COVID-19 Testing for Organizations

OSHA Compliant Testing Platform

COVID-19 is still an ongoing problem and creates dangerous workplaces if policies and processes are not in place to protect employees at the office. Occupational Safety and Health standards during the COVID-19 pandemic pose a unique set of challenges for employers to initiate in order to follow the new laws. There are changes coming in the law that require employers with over 100 employees to follow new rules regarding COVID-19 testing in the workplace.

Raquel Perez
Covid-19 Compliance Officer (CCO)
(201) 309-5022

For More Information Call Raquel or submit your info

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Get Onsite COVID-19 Testing for Your Organization

Contact us to determine if the physical space for set up and the number of people that need testing allows for onsite testing.

Get in Touch

Raquel Perez
Covid-19 Compliance Officer (CCO)
(201) 309-5022

For More Information Call Raquel or submit your info

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  • What is MinuteMed Express?

    MinuteMed Express is a virtual primary care team. We are a group of experienced U.S. board-certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. We have over 30 years of clinical experience, and partnered with LabFinder to help patients get the access and answers they need so they can make the right decisions about their well-being.

  • What type of test kits does LF provide?
    LabFinder is a test agnostic platform. That means we're compatible with most kit types and provide the most timely, cost effective, and quality tests at the time of your testing needs. It also means we have many test kit supplier and manufacturer relationships that fuel our platform capabilities so that supply shortages affect us last. Our expert team vets, tests, and integrates with every test kit we offer our customers. Get in touch for the best test for your organization today.
  • How do our employees get their tests?
    We have our own fulfillment center that works with your team to get test kits into employee hands in the most efficient and cost effective method for your needs. We offer shipping options like bulk to office locations or individual shipments straight to employee homes anywhere in the contiguous US. Just send us an address list and a delivery date – we'll take care of the rest. Vaccination status is coming in November 2021. Our product and engineering team works hard to develop and launch the most useful functionalities and features for our customers. Reach out for our recommended, HIPAA compliant plan to start collection your employee's health data before its time to test.
  • Is LabFinder OSHA compliant?
    Yes. We architect solutions for all types of regulatory requirements and workplace safety protocols. OSHA, HIPAA, and FDA compliance among them. Get in touch with our team for a proposal that fits your needs.
  • How long does it take to start?
    We strive to offer the most agile and turnkey employer testing solutions on the market so that our customers don't have to wait on workplace safety. Once a contract is signed, we create your online testing account, train your team, and ship kits – all in as little as 5 business days.
  • How much does LabFinder cost?
    Our platform model means that pricing is variable based on location, test type, volume, current market prices, staffing needs, and freight. We customize pricing for our customers so they never pay for more than they need, including middleman markups. Get in touch now to get a proposal fit for you in less than a day.

Labfinder’s COVID testing is a seamless and foolproof way to test large numbers of cast and crew for film production in the New York area. We have the utmost trust in LabFinder to administer quality tests in a safe environment providing accurate results within a quick turnaround. Gaining easy access to results via the LabFinder app has proven to be instrumental in our goal to maintain safe film sets for all cast and crew. I would highly recommend LabFinder and MOM as a reliable testing facility in the New York area.

Willa Goldfeder

COVID Testing for Corporations

Wanting to assure your workplace and employees are safe? Want to begin having your workforce come back to the office? Organize COVID-19 Testing for your company.

COVID Testing for Universities

Want to test for your university and keep your students safe in their bubble? Custom logo scheduling pages allow students to self schedule or control the scheduling through your health center.

COVID Testing for Weddings

Want to be sure you and your guest are safe before and after your big day? Ask us how we can help with COVID testing both before and after your wedding.

COVID Testing for Movie and TV Production

Are you in the NYC area and want to be sure your production staff is safe? We offer onsite COVID testing for production teams.